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thali new canaan
India - New Canaan

62 Main Street
New Canaan, CT 06840
(203) 972-8332
Email: info@indianewcanaan.com

Opening Early April, 2016!

yankee magazine
by Jocelyn Ruggiero in Jan 2014

Oaxaca Kitchen in New Haven, CT | Southern Comfort

The aromas of cooking infiltrate every corner of the small apartment. Aracely Rojas carries plate after plate to the kitchen table: pozole with hominy, tamales, garlic prawns, lamb barbacoa, ceviche Veracruz, Yucatan pork with plantains. Her guest, Prasad Chirnomula, is dazzled: “I love your food,” he declares. She sparkles.

It’s an unlikely scene on this December night in 2010: a Mexican home cook making dinner for an Indian chef in a small apartment in New Haven, Connecticut. But this meal is more than a dinner party; it’s a job interview, and the continuation of a deeply rooted tradition for Chef Chirnomula: cele­brating the work of exceptional home cooks in his professional kitchen.


Thali Too - New Haven

daily nutmeg

Entering Indian restaurant Thali Too, the fragrance is fresh and pleasant, as if there are live cumin and turmeric plants just under your nose. And when you’re at a vegetarian restaurant, plants are what you’re there for.

With two big Thali locations downtown, it’s easy to assume that New Haven is the birthplace of the enterprise. Actually, New Canaan holds that distinction. Owner and chef Prasad Chirnomula opened the first Thali establishment there in 2001. Three years later, he expanded to Ridgefield and, in 2006, added a third spot—in New Haven, on the corner of Orange and Crown Streets. Thali Too followed in 2008, emerging from Chef Prasad’s vision to “change how America thinks of Indian food,” by presenting the vegetarian (and often vegan) facet of a cuisine that’s still gaining traction with American palates.

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Thali - New Haven

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by Stephanie Lyness
A Tasty Education in Indian Cuisine

THALI is an innovative new restaurant in New Haven whose chef, Prasad Chirnomula, is determined to change the way we think about Indian food. Dishes come from all over India. They are unusual, exciting, and so varied that I am never bored with eating there.

The atmosphere, a mix of traditional and contemporary, is more upscale than many of the Indian restaurants I’ve been to. In the entryway is an exquisite display of roses floating in free-standing copper vessels. Inside, tableware is chic and contemporary. The service is gracious and careful, with an eye toward educating the clientele.

And that brings me to what I love best about Thali: It is a terrific introduction to Indian food. The use of spices — ground or whole, combined into a paste, added early or late in the cooking process — is at the heart of Indian cooking. Each region has its own distinct spice palette. Eating at Thali is like taking a crash course in the diversity of Indian cuisines , and it is tremendous fun.

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Thali - New Haven

by Jason Guss
April 23, 2009

Thali curries favor, flavor, and Savor in New Haven I awoke Sunday morning at noon yearning for something more than the cuisine of my residential college’s dining hall. It was not that the only available Tabasco flavor was “Smoked,” nor was it that the A-1 sauce had not been replaced all semester. Rather, I desired something beyond fake eggs and French toast renamed and reformulated as bread pudding. I suppose I longed for a brunch of a different caliber, if you will.

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